We’re Back in 2023!

After a long online absence, we’re back! Our AGM was held in February at Wabi Sabi Salon in Collingwood where we our members came together to decide on the direction our JET Alumni Association Chapter as well as voting in the new committee members. Now that the COVID restrictions have relaxed, we’re hoping to get back to supporting all our members and encouraging more people to join the JET Programme in person. We will be having events almost every month including our quarterly dinners, the Box Hill Festival stall, karaoke night and the all important pre-departure orientations as well as the Okaeri for recent returnees.

We will be hosting the 2023 Oceania Regional conference in October which brings together representatives from Vic/Tas/SA, NSW, QLD, WA, NZ and Singapore to discuss how we can better run our chapters and support the JET Programme. Watch your emails or socials as there will be an opportunity for our members to join in for a BBQ on the Sunday. With kind support from CLAIR and the Consulate-General of Melbourne, we hope that it will help make our events more engaging and useful to everyone.

This year we are welcoming several recent returnees to our committee as well as many from previous years.
Our new President is a recent returnee Mat H from Gunma (2021).
Our new Vice President is also a recent returnee Maggie B (2022).
Secretary is Emma W. Treasurer is Soon T from Shiga (2011-2015). PR/Communications officer is Jayka B from Kochi (2010-2015).

After our meeting, participants enjoyed a delicious Japanese lunch before heading home with full bellies. Gouchisousamadeshita!