JET Orientation 二次会 2023

It’s that time again where newly minted JETs get their first briefing about their new adventures coming soon. They’ll be inundated with Culture Shock and ESID till they can take no more.

After a full day of learning about the ins-and-outs of what they might expect from their JET experience (which I’m sure many of you remember), this year’s new JETs may want to unwind with fellow alumni to phsych them up further for their upcoming departure to the land of the rising sun.

We’d love for any JETAA members to join us if you’re available. Here are the details for this exciting occasion:

When: Sat, 24th June @ 5:30pm-8pm
Where: Riverland, Federation Wharf Vaults 1-9, Melbourne VIC 3000
Cost: Free! (drinks at bar prices)